Result Oriented Social Media Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation

Social media marketing is the utilization of social media platforms to relate with your audience that drive maximum website traffic to generate leads, and increase sales that establish your brand. Social media impacts raising sales, leads and branding with offering businesses high ROI (return on investment), allow them to reach a wide audience at a lowest cost.

Most of all businesses are using social media marketing strategies probably to obtaining better results during the funnel – right from creating brand awareness to increase sales conversions. 80% of B2B buyers and 90% of C-level executives are including social media as a key part of their deciding methods.

What is social media lead generation?

Social media lead generation is all about performing strategic marketing practice notably designed for winning qualified leads for your sales funnel. Generating leads on social media helps businesses to determine audience who are interested in them. These leads perform as a bridge to the potential consumers to produce special offers and convert them as loyal consumers.

Some key goals of how companies use social media marketing through their lead generation process.

Gain Brand Awareness:

There will be almost 3.98 billion social media users worldwide by 2021. With more & more people are fetching social media to research, so take your target audience’s attention is easy to create brand awareness.

Interact with New Customers:

The best way to build a heathy audience on social media is to concentrate on the users who already know you best. By sharing related content, quickly engaging with them, and answering their feedback, you can increase your traffic and enhance your relationships.

Grow your Website Traffic:

The social media area is home to more than 3.65 billion active users. Social media is a best source of driving relevant traffic to your website. They bring large chances to grow brand visitors and convert into leads. Contact us to start converting your website visitors into your customers today.

How to Use Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation?

If you are a B2B or B2C companies, you can use social media beyond your sales funnel. It enables your prospects to turn customers and develop those new relationships, excellent to good connections and finally conversions. By choosing the right lead generation agency, you cannot get only qualified leads but also grow your brand visibility.

Here is a lead generation guide with strategies for advantages social media to admit new customers and keep them engaged.

1. Start Social Media Paid Ads for Generating Leads:

Brands that run paid ad campaigns meet benefits such as contacting to the core audience, increase engagement, fan increase, and many more.

Running paid social media ads involves getting the right data, taking vital insights, and using them to make your paid social media more useful and effective than once. If done in the right way, it performs like best social media lead gen base by saving business time and costs.

Hype Infotech is a best platform that helps your social media lead generation strategy to rise above the ground. Visit us to know more.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Webinars:

One of the best methods for marketers to drive the traffic of video content on the website to boost an upcoming webinar is taking advantage of powerful channels of social media. Some ads are a curse for marketers to generate engagement, conversions, and catch valuable of leads and guests for your webinar.

3. Automize Your Social Media Lead Generation with Chatbots:

Instant messaging & chatbots are in style and adapt powerful tools for marketers today. Chatbots allow brands to connect with their prospects even more than humans can, once the same time greatly lowering general costs.

When customers want to getting for information about credit cards, the chatbot shows options from Bank’s website for them to browse. If they come beyond a product that profit them, they can click for more details or choose to browse a more goal catalogue.

4. Use Social Media for Content Delivery:

A strong social media content marketing strategy has the strength to change your brand to limelight overnight and convert your followers into fans. If you want to stand out on social media, you have to take few steps rightly. Then only you can measure your results and polish your strategy over time. Take bellow steps to build a plan that has long life and helps your brand grow:

  • Identify Your Business Goals
  • Planning of Social Content
  • Distribute Your Content
  • Measure the Results

5. Create a Social Media Community:

Social media community can be the great way you can stay long connected with your users. When you connect your social followers on their path, you gain your visibility and reach. Possess a community of loyal customers can make a huge difference to your brand and support in the market for a long time.

6. Start Running Contests on Social Media Channels:

Running contests is the best way to grow brand awareness and generate social media leads. With contests, brands can acquire the notable benefits of winning leads, and further the participants will encourage to share their positive experience with friends and colleagues that will create a viral impact.

7. Social Media Video (Latest Trend) Marketing:

Social media video marketing is one of the latest trends that brands are mending. As per the Web Marketing Video committees recent survey, 70% of brands are start applying video on social media networks.

Social video indicates to video content that is build & viral on social media channels. These videos can be stories, profile videos, updates, or comments on social posts. You can build one or numbers of small snippets that perform as brand-building tools for your agency and share/re-share many times across different platforms.

Best Platforms for Social Media Lead Generation:

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are main social media platforms that most of the brands and companies choose for lead generation and brands' publicity.

Let’s Talk About the Best Social Media Lead Generation Platforms.

1. Facebook – The Best Platform for Social Media Lead Generation:

Facebook is the most universally used social media platform for lead generation. There are 70 million active business pages on Facebook. It has the lowest CPC rates is one of the causes why so many businesses use it to boost their products.

2. Instagram - The Trendy Platform for Social Lead Generation:

Almost 85% of accounts follow a business on Instagram, which is a really good sign of futures that marketers can hit to generate leads.

3. LinkedIn - A Great Platform for Social Media Lead Generation:

LinkedIn is one of the greatest platforms when it comes to B2B social media marketing for lead generation. LinkedIn has over 600+ million users, with more than 330 million monthly active users. From that LinkedIn users who are engaging with the LinkedIn platform monthly, 50% accessible it on a daily basis.

4. Twitter – Best Professional Platform Social Media Lead Generation:

Twitter is the most famous social media marketing channel for very high reputed brands. As per the study, 95% of USA marketers choose Twitter as a content marketing platform for lead generation.

Generate leads with social media must be a serious task for your marketing strategy -

Social media marketing lead generation is also a time-consuming work. With our services the above referred best strategy and tips use to social media for lead management will help your brand to winning more leads and speed up your brand growth.